Digital Signate Aplication

Consists of two applications:

1.CMS : Content Management System

2.Player : Which applications are running? on the Digital Signage machine

The Features :

  • Flexible screen design and content settings.
  • Able to display images and videos
  • Has Push Content capability
  • Can centralize the display time on Digital Signage
  • The application of centralization is done by taking into account the Office Hierarchy. Such as: Headquarters, Regions, Main Branches, Branches, Branches, etc.
  • User Management
software development (Digital Signage)

About Us

Swadharma Duta Data company, was established on september 1, 1988. The company was owned by BNI pension founds and Tri Handayani Utama company. SDD was also supported by the experts who are professionals in their fields and have the certification of expertise from well known brands. In supporting the standart quality of goods or services that produced, SDD has an ISO 9001:2015 certificate.

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24 Hours a day: (+62 21) 29373636
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