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PT. Swadharma Duta Data (PT. SDD), established on September 1, 1988. Owned by BNI Pension Funds and PT. Tri Handayani Utama. PT. SDD is supported by experts who are professionals in their fields and have certification of expertise from well-known brands. In supporting the quality standards of goods or services produced, PT. SDD has an ISO 9001: 2015 certificate.


Become an IT Solution Company trusted in Indonesia


  • Provide the best quality IT products and services in the planning field; implementation; maintenance and operation; training and education; outsourcing,

  • Providing services to customers in the financial services industry sector, sector government, and other industrial sectors (non-financial services),

  • Market hardware and software products with principal support as main work partner,

  • Researching, developing and marketing their own software,

  • Positioning all SDD people as company assets,

  • Increase value for all stakeholders.

About Us

Swadharma Duta Data company, was established on september 1, 1988. The company was owned by BNI pension founds and Tri Handayani Utama company. SDD was also supported by the experts who are professionals in their fields and have the certification of expertise from well known brands. In supporting the standart quality of goods or services that produced, SDD has an ISO 9001:2015 certificate.

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Office Hours a day: (+62 21) 29373636
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