PT. Bank Pembangunan Daerah Sumatera Selatan dan Bangka Belitung was founded on November 6, 1957 under the name PT Bank Pembangunan Sumatera Selatan established by:

  1. Decision Authority Chief Commander of Regional War Sriwijaya of South Sumatra Level I Number 132/SPP/58 dated 10 April 1958 with retroactive effect. starting November 6, 1957.
  2. Thong Tan Khe Deed No. 54 dated 29 September 1958 with the permission of the Minister of Justice No. J.A.5/44/16 dated May 11, 1959.
  3. Bank Business License from the Ministry of Finance No. 47692/UM II dated 18 April 1959.

Furthermore with the enactment of Law No. 13 Year 1962 on Regional Development Bank, then starting from 1962, officially all activities of PT. Bank Pembangunan Sumatera Selatan belong to the Provincial Government of South Sumatra with company legal status under Regulation DaerahNomor 11/DPRDGR Regional Level I South Sumatra, With business license issued by the Central Bank Affairs Minister / Governor of Bank Indonesia Number 2/Kep/MUBS/G / 63 Date February 27, 1963.

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