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Since year 2001, PT. Reka Piranti Prakarsa has been showed as IBM Software Distributor for the Indonesia region with amount Business Partner / Reseller more than 40 IT companies.

Realizing that support of implementation and solving of problem represent one of attention of Cutomer or client in doing decision of product election, hence PT. Reka Piranti Prakarsa Initiative have drawn up unit to give service speed and sociability in accepting sigh of Cutomer or client through Reseller.

As step to support its sale activity in IBM Software Distributor area, PT Reka Piranti Prakarsa own facility supporting ability of all Reseller. The facility for example training reguler class and also special addressed to increase the technical ability all Reseller. As Distributor, PT. Reka Piranti Prakarsa initiative always work along by Principal (IBM) in carrying out various event marketing by regular like exhibition and workshop which also can be exploited by all Reseller.

With support of experienced TECHNICAL TEAM and certify of his area, we provide good technical support of Pre-Sales, Implementation And Maintenance to use of Software of IBM in Indonesia.


PT. Pantarhai Technology is a business extension of a consultancy service business activity in the sector of Information System Technology (IST), a consultant division of PT. Swadharma Duta Data PT. Pantarhai Technology focuses on providing services in a segment of banking IST consultancy services. The segment of consultancy services is consultancy and solution in the sector of information technology, which includes IST strategic planning, implementation as well as IST observation.

Business Sector

  • IST strategic planning:
  • Consultancy in the Information System Technology strategic planning
  • Consultancy in the sector of operation and procedure standard management Implementation and observation of IST:
  • Consultancy in the information system technology evaluation sector
  • Consultancy in the networking sector
  • Consultancy in the data center sector
  • Consultancy in the office automation sector
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